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Ralph Geiger



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Foreign languages:



Knowledge of French




Diploma Economic Computer Science



1984 - 1987

Technical college Köln, department Gummersbach 


Diploma economic computer science



Diploma thesis:

Serial transmission, archiving and problem-adapted representation of multidimensional data using the example of biomedical research results



Bachelor thesis:

Recording and processing of analog-digital data and finding extremal values including the integration of the measured data



1982 - 1984

Study of physics, minor in chemistry

University of Bonn




university-entrance diploma at secondary school Siegburg



Main Focus:



technical project management according to ITIL


IT interdisciplinary coordination


Soft- and hardware architecture design


System and architecture design


Release management


Configuration management


Test management


Change management


CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)


Sales and presales support

Requirements management (requirements engineering)

Documentation (operating manuals, user documentations, test documentations)



IT Skills:




Operating systems:

Linux (basic knowledge)

Sun Solaris (basic knowledge)

Windows 2000/2008 Server
Windows XP/Vista/7

Windows 8 (basic knowledge)



Programming languages:



Visual Basic 






SQLite (basic knowledge)


Oracle (basic knowledge)


MySQL (basic knowledge)


PostgreSQL (basic knowledge)


Microsoft Access





Tools/software packages:










HP Quality Center






Data communication:












Active Directory




Object-oriented programming




Voice recording systems


Interactive voice response systems


Conferencing systems


Redundancy- and failover concepts

Firewall configuration changes

Network VLAN Design

Backup concepts








Microsoft Office


Lotus Notes






Avaya Communication Manager (PBX)


Avaya Interaction Center


Avaya Enablement Server


Avaya Contact Store

Avaya Call Management System


Genesys (basic knowledge)


Cisco Unified Communication Manager


Cisco Meetingplace


Cycos mrs


NICE Interaction Center



Cisco Telepresence SX20






IT companies

Logistics companies


Financial Services









04/2016 – 01/2017

British Telecom (freelance)




Responsible test manager for British Telecom at the Commerzbank project "Connected": implementation of the replacement of the entire voice infrastructure including all peripheral interfaces at all Commerzbank locations and branches worldwide (> 50000 users).

New Systems e.g.:

  • CISCO Unity Call Manager (multi-cluster)
  • CISCO Jabber
  • Presence solutions
  • Verint voice recording
  • WebEx integration
  • Video conferencing
  • Trading integration
  • Call Center integration


Collaboration with the Commerzbank Testmanager to test the testcases created by the responsible persons in the PreLive test environment, to evaluate the results and to work with the project leaders to deal with errors.



·       Prepare and organize the testcases from different areas of responsibility

·       Controlling the test execution with BT and CoBa testers

·       Maintain the testcases in HPQC

·       Planning and control of the four test phases

·       Documentation of the test execution and the errors

·       Revision of test cases in case of deviation in coordination with the customer

·       Creation of a test plan

·       Daily organization of a test plan for pre-tests by BT testers

·       Participation in the creation of the test concept

·       Daily creation of status reports for BT and CoBa project management

·       Lead and moderate testmeetings and daily status phone conferences

·       Weekly reporting to BT and CoBa project management for test progress (statistics, etc.)

·       Evaluation of testcases before and after tests

·       Control and evaluation of performance analyzes and tests


02/2016 – 03/2016

WTG Westfälische Telefongesellschaft (freelance)

Project Manager



Controlling the implementation of the exchange of network and telecommunication components at Lufthansa Cargo Future in Hahn and Mouscron.

·       Record and review of the actual state

·       Coordination of the construction of the new components

·       Planning, coordination and monitoring of the rollout


12/2015 – 02/2016

First Data Deutschland GmbH (freelance)

Project Manager



·       Coordination of network conversion from frame relay to MPLS at AT & T Cirquits.

·       13 First Data customers in Ireland, UK, Italy, Dubai and Saudi Arabia.


09/2015 – 10/2015

Sage Software GmbH (freelance)


Technical Project Manager



·       Documentation of the hardware of the existing videoconferencing system in Frankfurt (Cisco WebEx)

·       Organization and accompaniment of kickoffs for FY 2016. This was carried out for seven sites by a WebEx video conference.

·       Technical discussions and tests with an external Video Conference Service PGi.

·       Organization of alternative solutions for the current sound system at Frankfurt location.

·       Exploration of alternative solutions with the use of Cisco

·       Telepresence.


04/2014 – 09/2015

WTG Westfälische Telefongesellschaft (freelance)


Technical Project Manager




IT/TK Audit at Kabel Deutschland GmbH

·       Acquisition IT / telecom infrastructure and documentation

·       Detecting the used server and client applications

·       Acquisition of the organizational rules (release management, etc.)

·       Collecting the information concerning external service providers

·       Inspecting and evaluation of the collected data

·       Creating recommendations on the above-mentioned points


Creating a communication diagram for the new telecommunications environment of the Sheraton Hotels.


Project management “Applications & Integration” at project “IT Exchange” of E Plus Customer Services.

Under this project, WTG is responsible for the complete installation of the telephony environment of ECS.

·       Installation and configuration of CTI software Avaya Interaction Center

·       Coordination of installation of Avaya SAP Connector

·       Project management for the integration of external applications in the newly built Avaya PBX environment (SAP, Kubis, Shrimps, SP-Expert, Data Warehouse, Satmap)

·       IP and hostname design for about 80 new systems

·       Creating design specifications for the subprojects SAP, Kubis and Shrimps

·       Coordination of launching a new voice recording system of  NICE

·       Definition and implementation of voice recording rules in accordance with the legal and customer specific regulations.

·       Creating communication matrices and firewall rules

·       Test management for system testing, integration testing and user acceptance tests (creating test cases, tax and coordination of testing, testers and test procedures, evaluation of the test results).

·       Create various user documentation

·       User management for the Systems NICE and AIC - organizing automated user maintenance et al via LDAP, set up the administrative accounts



07/2013 – 12/2013

Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (freelance)


Technical Advisor




Technical project support at the implementation  of complex test environments

Name of project: Professionalization of IT operations

Subproject: test system management

·     Analysis of the planned infrastructure for two large projects in the client/server (i.a. Websphere, Apache)  and the IBM mainframe environment

·     Derivation and design of test environments for these large-scale projects

·     Participation in the professional target image description for the construction of a production environment, as well as the introduction of system integration test environments

·     Design of a interview to determine the test requirements at business-critical inventory systems

·     Consolidation of the analysis results from the KfW architecture board of the entire production infrastructure in terms of technology, applications, interfaces, databases, infrastructure



03/2012 - 03/2013

ING-DiBa AG (freelance)


Technical project management and maintenance




Technical project support for the implementation of a new voice recording system (NICE):


·     Collection of  professional and technical requirements

·     Development of the architecture design for the production, pre-production and development environment

·     Integration into the existing environments

·     Creating the DP concept in collaboration with the departments

·      Management and control of the implementation in cooperation with the IT teams (Windows, Datacenter, Network, Security, Voice, Storage)

·      Assessment, management and support in the design of all required security measures (network design, firewall settings, redundancy design, load balancing)

·     Review test concept

·     Coordination and implementation of technical tests (HP Quality Center)

·     Support for the user connection (LDAP/AD)

·     Test support for functional tests

·     Error analysis and tracking

·     Successful rollout planning and implementation




Supporting the daily business:


·     Training a new employee

·     System care for Avaya Interaction Center, Verint call recording, Avaya Enablement Server, configuration of Avaya PBX

·     Incident and problem management  

·     Planning and implementation of releases



01/2011 - 12/2011

Deutsche Telekom Products & Innovation (freelance)


"System engineer release management and configuration management"




Technical coordination of the team "VoIP support systems"


·      Planning and monitoring of rollouts at system-wide projects and releases

·      Analysis and presentation of the current infrastructure

·      Coordination of dismounting/upgrade of outdated system environments (HW, OS, middleware)

·      Technical project management in the project of "Videomeet" (system architecture, system design, requirements, documentation, tests)

·      Support and training of the teams in the preparation of changes

·      Technical assistance in the rebuilding of the web conferencing system (hardware rollout)

·      Being the Interface to license management, application management, operations, quality management, T-Systems, etc.

·      Organization of network clearings, database installations, access permissions, load balancer configurations, DNS

·      Maintenance of the monitoring user manual for VoIP support systems

·      Technical support IPv6 introduction

·      Project management "IVR-based authentication"



04/2009 - 12/2010

DB Systel GmbH (freelance)


"Systems engineer for voice value-added services"




Technical project management in the area of value-added services in the Deutsche Bahn project "corporate VoIP".




Participation in the conception, the construction and the introduction of value-added services in the test centre of DB Systel in the environment of the test setup for the Cisco VoIP solution.




·     Voicemail (Cycos mrs, Siemens Enterprise)

·     Announcement service (IVR, Siemens Enterprise)  

·     Unified Messaging (UMS, Siemens Enterprise)  

·     CTI (Click2Call, Cisco) integration with IP telephony

·     VoIP Softphone (IP Communicator, Cisco)  

·     Telephony conferencing system (Meeting Place, Cisco)  

·     Lotus Notes Sametime integration (Presence, Cisco)




·     Capture Requirements

·     Connection of the systems to the Cisco Call Manager

·     Project tracking

·     Definition, coordination and implementation of certification  relevant system tests

·     Support in building a complex test environment

·     Architecture and system design of the voice mail system for 40000 users in the network

·     Support for the user connection (LDAP/AD)

·     Coordination of the DB Systel departments with the supplier for the system design and the connection of the system to the VoIP PBX CUCM

·     Accompaniment of the pilot phase and field test in the VoIP setup

·     Development of the user and system documentation

·     Project-related implementation of the DB Systel processes in the existing environment (tools for the incident and change creation and monitoring, error message tools, release handling, databases)

·     Design of a group-wide voice user database for the systems  CUCM, Cycos mrs CUMP and CUPS



Technical environment:

Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CUCM), Cycos mrs, Lotus Domino / Sametime, LDAP



06/2003 - 12/2008

ING-DiBa AG, Frankfurt am Main (freelance)


Software development and IT project management




·     Architecture design for the future CTI environment with regard to the relocation of all components in the datacenters and the centralization and consolidation of telephony systems

-  Project tracking

-  Capture requirements

-  Budget calculation

-  Creating tenders

-  Selection and evaluation of hardware components

- Requirements analysis and interface to the departments

-  Preparation of software upgrades

-  Development of DP concepts

-  Development of extensive system- and user-documentations

-  Coordination and execution of professional and technical tests

·     Architecture design and implementation of CTI system Avaya Interaction Center (14 servers, 3 locations, 1500 agents)

·     Architecture design and implementation of voice recording system Avaya Contact Store (10 servers, 3 locations)

·     Architecture design and implementation of Avaya Enablement Services (6 servers, 3 locations)

·     Architecture design and implementation of test environments for all of CTI components

·     Coordination of interfaces to the customer teams UNIX, Windows client, Windows Server, databases, application support, security, SAN-data

·     Support and consulting on the bank's own call cebtre application (softphone) and the Siemens IVR CTI-integration

·     Definition of the interfaces of an OCX for the connection of the ING-DiBa softphones to AIC with integration in LDAP/AD

·     Specification of a proprietary SNMP process for AIC to send error messages to the bank's own monitoring system @friend (active friend, Siemens)

·     Specification of a proprietary process for the registration of independent monitors of all devices in the customer dialog

·     Definition of rules of voice recording  

·     Central point of contact and consultant in all CTI questions, projects, problems of ING-DiBa AG



10/2003 - 04/2004

Allgemeine Deutsche Direktbank AG (freelance)


IT Consultant



11/2003 - 04/2004

Change of the communications interface to the of the CTI Talent software to socket communication. Appropriate adjustments to all server and client modules.




Design and development of a CTI client (C++) for the transfer of calls within the call centre on the basis of the Lucent CTI Server system "CTI Talent"



12/2003 - 01/2004

Sogec Marketing GmbH (freelance)


IT support and consulting




·     Definition of database descriptions

·     Development of statistical evaluations

·     Consulting in the implementation of projects



01/2002 - 06/2003

Entrium Direct Bankers AG (freelance)


IT Consultant


Various CTI - and IT support, error analysis, system configuration checks



01/2002 - 03/2002

Westfälische Provinzial Versicherung AG (freelance)


Soft - and hardware architecture design




·     Development of a client software to display queue and employee status information to the agent working places (Avaya Definity, Windows NT)

·     Development of a server program:

-  Access to online data provided via socket connections on the Avaya CMS (Sun)

-  Access to historical daily data provided via ODBC connection on the Avaya CMS (Sun)

·     Development of a client program:

-   Graphical and textual representation of data to view current queues and employee information about the entire call center, as well as a primary skill

·      Development a user and a system manual



01/2002 - 10/2004

Avaya Deutschland GmbH (freelance)


Service, support and development for Avaya CTI-Server system "CTI Talent"

daily on demand




Development of a feasibility study for the merger of two call centres in terms of software technical similarities and differences.



In permanent employment




7/2001  12/2001 –

Sikom Software GmbH (permanent position)


Project Manager




·      Service, support and development for the Avaya CTI-Server system

·      Construction of the site Darmstadt:
Planning, procurement and installation of infrastructure (PBX, server, etc.).

·      DAK Deutsche Angestellten health insurance:

-  Project management for the introduction and installation of Sikom's own voice recognition software "Voiceman"

-  Initial connection of the software to the Nortel Meridian PBX

-  Quality management

-  Crisis management

-  Creating specifications, documentation, and a system administration guide



01/2001 - 06/2001

Authensis AG (permanent position)


Project Manager




·     Service, support and development for the Avaya CTI-Server system

·     Specification of a license management system for the Authensis ACD system "Agate"

·     Specification of an E-mail adapter to the smart distribution of E-Mails for the integration in the Authensis ACD system "Agate"

·     Support the Authensis building (Darmstadt) and expansion (other locations) of the infrastructure (such as usage of the software management tool CVS)



09/1997 - 12/2000

Lucent/Avaya Technologies Professional Services (permanent position)


Senior Software Engineer




Call center of Comdirect Bank AG:


·      Project management, specification and implementation of a CTI-Server system to the voice-data integration

-  The voice response system

-  the voice recording system

-  the PBX Lucent Definity G3x

-  the frontend applications

-  Specification of API's to the IVR, VLU and the frontend

·      Team: 5 employees

·      AIX, C++, middleware IBM Callpath, message router, pipes




Expansion and further development of this system, including a virtual location cross-CTI-Server System.




Presales and project management of the integration and customization of the CTI Server system with three other German banks and a French Bank:


·     Comdirect Bank AG in Kiel

·     Comdirect Bank AG in Paris

·     Commerz Service GmbH in Essen

·     Commerzbank AG (test environment in Frankfurt/Main)

·     Allgemeine Deutsche Direktbank AG in Frankfurt/Main

·     Allgemeine Deutsche Direktbank AG in Hannover

·     Entrium Direct Bankers AG in Nürnberg




Presales and implementation of various CTI workshops to customer-specific requirements of CTI, among others at


·     Stadtsparkasse Köln

·     Postbank Hauptniederlassung Bonn

·     Prompter AG

·     Swisscom AG




Specifications and project management of various CTI integrations (such as host-based routing projects) at


·     Vorwerk & Co.

·     DHL Worldwide Express




Other activities:


·     Specification of a Java softphone for the connection to the CTI Server

·     Training and integration of newcomers

·     Consulting and support of customers and BCS employees in integration, CTI call center specific questions

·     Sales and presales support

·     Monitoring of software development within the Department



07/1995 - 08/1997

Triple C GmbH (permanent position)


Software development engineer




·     Development of department internal programming guidelines

·     Development of telephony system specifications for a Windows 3.11 GUI application for the freely configurable user-specific statistical analysis and online display of Informix ACD data Siemens HiCom 300, called "Report Generator"

·     Report Builder, Borland C++ implementation: specification and implementation of the extension of the report generator on the ACD V2. 5 the Siemens HiCom 300 telephone system, called "ReportView"



11/1992 - 6/1995

LH Integration (permanent position)


Software product company with 30 employees


System engineer




·     New and further development of an external ACD for the telecommunication system Siemens HiCom, ICD/2 on base IBM OS/2 in C++

·     Specification and implementation of server and client components, tools and libraries

·     Interface between ICD and voice response units (IVR), automatic generation of multilingual text files

·     Development of department internal programming guidelines

·     Support of the quality assurance teams

·     Project management



03/1988 - 11/1992

CAP GEMINI Deutschland GmbH (permanent position)

since 01/1991

CAP GEMINI SCS BeCom GmbH (permanent position)

since 01/1992

CAP debis BeCom GmbH (permanent position)


System engineer




·     Specification and implementation of a test system for the proprietary real time multitasking operating system called SRE/86
PC/AT, DOS, MS assembler, Turbo Pascal, MS Pascal

·     Development of a multitasking application for the presentation of SRE/86 on fairs: 3 robot arms control

·     Specification and implementation of a software package (INTERGRAF) for the collection, statistical analysis and graphical processing of measurement data in a PC-based process processing system

·     Development of a test suite for approval tests by X.21-communication devices (NET1)

·     Project management, planning, specification and implementation of an reporting system for the INTERGRAF software (see above)

·     Development of software for mobility management (MM) in the layer-3 for a GSM mobile station in the D1 network
(Team: 30 employees, VAX/VMS, SDL, C, custom development tools)








Lucent Technologies President's Award for Team Excellence


"Comdirect Bank" Project Team in recognition of contributions to Teamwork, Business Excellence and Serving Customers. 

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